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Lift Lab Semi-Private training is small group customized training. Each athlete is afforded their own 100% customized program. The athlete to coach ratio is 4:1. Semi-Private coaching allows you to have a customized program that individually fits your needs, but also offers the support of a team atmosphere.

At LiftLab Co., we believe in the power of training together. That’s why we offer Semi-Private Sports Performance Training while still working on your own customized program.

Lift Lab’s Sports Performance Training Program is for everyone, no matter your level of fitness. Your motivation will come from LiftLab’s highly trained coach and the other 2-3 athletes in your group (never more than 4:1 athlete to coach ration). Sports Performance Training is for you if you:  

    • Like a team atmosphere
    • Enjoy guided learning
    • No longer feel one-on-one attention is necessary
    • Have specific goals in mind
    • Thrive in a structured environment


$25-$37.50 per session  But don’t worry about that just yet!

Free Assessment and One Week Trial

The assessment sets the stage for your training. A good start equals a good finish. We use this assessment to prevent/rehab injuries, identify your STRENGTH, and eliminate your weakness.

The assessment is a FREE service that we provide to you. Prior to the hour long session you will be asked to complete a goal setting sheet. This step helps us navigate your goal with a clear end in mind.

Upon arrival to our gym in the physical or virtual sense (yes– we assess remotely as well!) you will complete the 1-0n-1 movement based assessment that clearly evaluate

  • Mobility
  • Stability
  • Neural control
  • Strength
  • Power

For your FREE Assessment, complete the form below!

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