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LIFT LAB FITNESS is the ultimate solution to group training.

LIFT LAB FITNESS was designed to meet the diverse demands of our growing community. In this team atmosphere you will meet people like yourself who are motivated to change or improve their overall fitness.

In our LIFT LAB FITNESS class you can expect to experience these aspects of health and fitness:

  • Improved body composition
  • Increases in strength and power
  • Greater Mobility
  • Stress management techniques
  • Proper form and function
  • How to maintain a normal healthy lifestyle
  • Increases in cardiovascular health

What to expect

At the beginning of each LIFT LAB FITNESS you will execute a series of warm up drills to improve your overall mobility. Typically you will transition into strength training exercises coupled with body weight movements to produced the ultimate conditioning effect.

Who Should Participate

Participants should be those who want to:

  • Jump start their health and fitness program
  • Improve strength
  • Reduce risk of injury
  • Improve body composition
  • Exercise in an encouraging atmosphere
  • Improve flexibility

Training Times

Monday through Thursday at 6:00AM, 5:00PM, and 6:00PM

Monday, Wednesday, Friday High Noon

Friday at 6:00AM and 5:00PM

Saturday at 9:00AM


3 x Per Week Month to Month Membership $170
3 x Per Week 12 Month Membership $150
Unlimited Month to Month $190
Unlimited 12 Month Membership $170

For your FREE Assessment and week trial purchase the assessment below!

Lift Lab Fitness

LiftLab Assessment


The assessment sets the stage for your training.  A good start equals a…

Training Interest

The assessment sets the stage for your training.  A good start equals a good finish.  We use this assessment to prevent/rehab injuries, identify your STRENGTH, and eliminate your weakness.

The assessment is a FREE service that we provide to you.  Prior to the hour long session you will be asked to complete a goal setting sheet.  This step helps us navigate your goal with a clear end in mind.

Upon arrival to our gym in the physical or virtual sense (yes– we assess remotely as well!) you will complete the 1-0n-1 movement based assessment that clearly evaluate

  • Mobility
  • Stability
  • Neural control
  • Strength
  • Power

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