Jess Clark

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Jess Clark (“Mocha Boy” or “Jessie”) has been a coach in the strength and conditioning industry for only one year, but has years of experience as an athlete and former soccer player for IUPUI in Indianapolis. He graduated from IUPUI with a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology with a focus in exercise science. He primarily deals with semi-private clients, group fitness classes, and athletic performance at Lift Lab.

Jess is a rare breed at 6’3” sporting a blonde mullet during the summer months, and a child at heart. This makes him very good with youth athletes. You can typically find Jess in one of three places at any given time: Fat Dan’s Deli, Lift Lab, or Main Street Tattoos. While food and training are top priorities, he also enjoys long walks on the canal with his dog, Teagan.

Jess loves quirky quotes and metaphors but one of his favorites is, “Some people trip and fall in life, some people just turn that trip into a really awkward dance.”

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