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AMRAP Mentality


As I was listening to Tim Ferriss interview Jason Khalipa, something jumped out at me that I immediately knew would be the next topic for Warrior Wednesday. It just so happens that this fits perfectly with what our team is doing here at Lift Lab.


Before I get into it, here is the low down on Jason. He won the CrossFit games in 2008 and has since competed in the games 8 times. His accomplishments in the business world are even more impressive than his physical successes having expanded his gym with multiple locations throughout the West coast. He is also known for his philanthropic work in the fitness community. It’s safe to say that this guy knows how to get stuff done. Now back to the interview.


He describes his daily mindset as an AMRAP mentality. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, it stands for As Many Reps/Rounds As Possible. If your workout calls for an amrap of something, you are expected to go as hard as possible for the given time period. That is the beauty of an amrap; you know exactly how long it is going to be before you even start. Once the clock starts, nothing else matters for those next few minutes. Just get after it.


I am going to explain how to apply this AMRAP mentality on a daily basis and also how to use it for long-term goals.


  1. Daily Mindset


Training – our average Olympic training workout is roughly 90 minutes here at Lift Lab. Ninety minutes is just over 6% of your 24-hour day. When you go into your gym, you should be there to train. You shouldn’t be taking work calls or scrolling social media on your phone. Give yourself 6% of your day to have a singular focus. Put in the work and get better. The emails will still be there when you leave.


Work – try using this mentality at the office. Give yourself an allotted time for each task. For instance, I have given myself 60 minutes to write this blog post. Nothing else is on the agenda for the next hour. After this, I have 20 minutes of answering emails then I am off to write training programs. Dividing my work time up into individual tasks and goals works well for me. When I am done, I know exactly what I have accomplished for the day and nothing was forgotten or left unfinished.


  1. Long-term Success


Training – this is where the AMRAP mentality can have a tremendous impact. To do this for the long-term, be honest with yourself and evaluate your goals and see if you are willing and able to put in the work required. After you have had this conversation with yourself and your coach, come up with a timeline and set every other major item aside for the time being. For example, let’s say you want to hit a total to compete in a National meet in four months and you are 15 kilos from qualifying and need to drop 5 kilos of bodyweight. That is a lofty but completely achievable goal with the right mindset. Give yourself the next four months to make the necessary sacrifices it will take. Commit to the increased training time, the not-so-fun diet and the decreased social life for the sake of getting better and hitting your goal. Putting a time frame on this is important. It is much easier to start making sacrifices with an end date in mind knowing that there is a break ahead as opposed to diving head first for a seemingly endless period of time. Nobody wants to put his or her life on hold forever to break a record. You can’t possibly plan that out. Can someone put their life on hold for six months, a year, three years? Now we can have a game plan. Our coaches discussed this topic on a recent podcast that fits perfectly with this way of thinking.


Business – the AMRAP mentality can also be the difference between success and failure with your business ventures as well. Let’s say that you are an entrepreneur and want to start a new business. Have an honest conversation, do the homework and see what it will take to get your business up and running. Next up is the timeline. Again, this is a critical step when it comes to start making sacrifices. Have an end in mind to lay off of the gas pedal. Let’s say that timeline is 6 months. For those next 6 months, you have made the decision to put everything else on autopilot and will give your new idea everything you have. Your social life takes a back seat, going out on the weekends is rare, and deciding to redo your kitchen gets put on the back burner. All of your working energy is poured into expanding and bettering your business. How much better would your first six months of business be if that is how your treated it as opposed to the much more common way of multi-tasking with a new idea getting tossed into the already chaotic work-life balance.


The great thing about the AMRAP mentality is that it can help you reach the smallest of tasks all the way up to the biggest of achievements. I encourage you to start infusing this into your daily way of thinking and see where it leads.


My 60 minutes is up. Task completed. On to the next.

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